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When we were planning the entertainment aspect of our day, in addition to having a DJ etc., we wanted to have something a little special for our guests.


Enter the Rat Pack 2!

We were introduced to this professional and talented group. Their sheer professionalism was evident from the moment they arrived at the venue. There was no disturbance to our day, guests or staff. They got on with the business of setting up, sound checks etc. with quiet confidence.


With our DJ doing his thing in the background after a wonderful meal, our guests sat down to relax and enjoy the evening and the entertainment. The sitting down didn’t last for long as the Rat Pack 2 opened their broad repertoire with timeless classics which Frank, Sammy, and Deano would have been proud of.


Aileen and I wish to thank the Rat Pack 2 for making a part of our celebrations so enjoyable. We would have no hesitation in recommending the Rat Pack 2 to any couple planning a wedding or anyone planning a celebration/occasion.


This is the group you need to set an atmosphere and to get people into the swing of things and moving.


The Rat Pack 2 are a very hard working, professional outfit whose wide ranging repertoire has something for everyone and whose sparkling personalities and melodies put a feel good factor in to any special occasion.


Thank you for a wonderful evening gents.


Christopher and Aileen Dowling

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